Cloud Security.

Your Information is valuable and everyone knows it, especially hackers. We use PINs, passwords, fingerprint scanning, facial recognition, encryption, two-factor authentication, and RSA keys just to name a few methods, but there is much more to securing your information.

Hack attempts per second, affecting one in three North Americans each year.
of cyber attacks target small business.
of organizations are unprepared to handle a cyber attack.


Whether it’s sports or business, a defence strategy is important. 54% of businesses suffer a cyber attack and  hackers know that organizations heavily rely on anti-virus as their defence unfortunately it’s not enough.  Whether it’s your devices such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop or crucial information such as financial, employee or banking. A planning is necessary to ensure that current and future devices or information are protected. 

At A Cubed IT, we know there is more to security than a complex password, or two-factor authentication.  Consideration has to be given to the type of information or device being protected and the impact to efficiency.  The right tools are also needed, as hacking tools improve, your methods to protect yourself has to as well.   Using on-premises, cloud and on-device as a hybrid solution, will reduce your risk of being comprised.   

What options do you have? 

By asking this question, you are already ahead of many organizations who feel they aren’t at risk.   

67% of organizations believe they don’t have the adequate resources to properly manage their security. 

We understand that time is money and your have to be focused on your business, so let us focus on your protection  

Don’t become a statistic, get protected today. 

On-Premises Solutions Include : 

  • Active Directory  
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) 
  • File Encryption  
  • Facial Recognition 
  • Two-Factor Authentication 
  • Complex Password Enforcement 
  • Group Policy Enforcement 
  • Fingerprint scanning 
  • Proximity Card Access 
  • Anti-Virus, Internet Security Software 
  • Firewall 
  • VPN 

Cloud Services Include: 

  • Remote Firewall Management  
  • Remote VPN Access 
  • Microsoft OneDrive 
  • Dropbox 
  • Google Drive 
  • Remote Antivirus Management  
  • Hosted Exchange 
  • Amazon AWS 
  • Amazon Workspace 
  • Microsoft Azure 
  • Office 365 
  • Firewall and Networking Monitoring

On-Premises Solutions

From computers and Microsoft Office to virus repairs and maintenance, our on-site services are designed to provide the resources you need to be successful with a personal touch.

Cloud Services

“The Cloud”, a powerful resource to leverage enterprise level technology for small to medium organizations. As a Cloud solution provider, we are ready to support all of your needs.

Trends In I.T.

The industry is rapidly changing and new standards implemented. Discover what solutions are currently being focused on and how they can impact your business.