SEO - SEM - Internet Marketing- In Canada


What is Internet Marketing?

Marketing is not a new concept, simply raising awareness and driving traffic to increase sales through strategies and techniques. The internet has in fact met and surpassed many of the more traditional marketing avenues as its unique and if done right , potential clients are constantly seeking your out.


Let us show you how we can help build your online success.


SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search engines like goggle, msn, yahoo are top dogs and have implemented rules guidelines and algorithms to weed out the billions of website's that exist. Wanting to give their patrons unique and quality results they rank web pages and place them in order of importance when you perform a search. To ensure you are in the top 30 results the job of optimizing your website is not an easy task and takes a skillful individual to correctly search what your visitors are looking and then implement it in a somewhat original way to the search engines. So for SEO .. content is king, but knowing what your audience is looking for is most important to you.


SEM - Search Engine Marketing

Every marketing company approaches this differently, again the search engines do play a very important part in this role and you can implement a campaign that reflects on you in a negative way, so this aspect if done wrong can take a long time to correct and shouldn't be left to someone who is learning the ropes.


Search Words/ Key Words

Its where the internet begins for most people, opening goggle and typing a "search term",

knowing what your perspective clients are searching to find you is a very important aspect of search engine marketing and optimization. But it sounds so easy doesn't it? surely this is the one thing you can do yourself ? wrong!! you are the last person who should be tackling this job. That's right, you have intricate knowledge of your business and what it is that you you do.


When trying to figure out your key terms its best to ask your family or friends what it is you do and ask them how they would find your business, or you can ask a professional like us to do this job for you by performing market research and conducting studies.