Computer Services


Whether your computer is running slow, you need a new computer or just want to get rid of that old computer we have a service to meet your needs.


Our team specializes in making your computer maintenance simple and implementing new technology worry free.

Effortless – At A Cubed IT all of our services are performed on-site; this means you never have to take your computer to a store again.  Our technicians will either visit your office/home or connect to your computer using our remote services.


Below you will find the computer service to fit your needs.



Add more space to store your important files, boost your computers performance with an optimization, or install a wireless network card so that you can surf the internet anywhere in your office/home and more.

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Keep your computer safe with up to date anti-virus and spyware. Protect your data with an automatic data backup.

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Need to fix that noisy hard drive before it dies, clean up old files from old applications or system crashes or figure out that error message. 


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Need a new computer or laptop. Need a projector to enhance your business presentations, or need a server to share files securely or manage your company’s email, we have the equipment you need.

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Innovative Services

Want a WiFi hotspot for your customers; want a Blackberry, iPhone or Palm, not sure if you can benefit from one.  Our innovative services will help you implement the latest technology to improve your daily routine.

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Need to dispose of that old computer, want to make sure it doesn't end up in a landfill.

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