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Boost your computers by at least 50% with our optimization services. By improving your computers start-up time and performance you will be able to get more work done on your computer and spend less time getting frustrated with your system


Hardware Installation:

Don’t struggle with installing your new computer hardware and making sure it works correctly, our qualified technician will install it and ensure its optimized for your system.



Software Installation:

Have a new program to install? We’ll ensure you don’t install any unnecessary components or miss something important that should have been installed.



Computer Checkup:

Ever wonder if something is wrong with your computer, but don’t want to spend the money to get it checked. Use our Free computer checkup service!


Data Transfer:

Got a new computer, need files and folders from your old computer? We can transfer your files and folders worry free.

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Network Cabling:

Tired of seeing computer network cables hanging from walls and/or dangling from the ceiling. We can professionally install network cabling and outlets in your office.

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Network Installation:

We can install that new network router, wireless router or switch with the correct settings to ensure reliable service.

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Server Operating System Install:

Need a new server; don’t be stressed out about how complicated it can be.  We can install the Windows™, Linux™, and Unix™ server operating system on your server.

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Virus / Spyware Removal:

Don’t let your system be the victim of Viruses and Spyware.  Often times they work hand in hand to hide from you and your antivirus/anti-spyware program.  Let our experts rid you of them and return your systems performance.


System Diagnostic:

Getting error messages, system freezing or just crashing.  We can diagnose the problem quickly and advise you whether you should repair the problem or replace your computer.


Data Recovery:

Computer won’t start? Important files stored on your hard drive that you just must have.  Our Data Recovery service can recover your vital information

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Operating System Repair:

Has your operating system crashed?  Don’t want to go through the pain of losing all of your files and re-installing your computer with its operating system and all of its applications.  Our skilled technicians can recover your operating system.

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Network Diagnostic:

Are you having an issue across your entire network?  Not sure the source of the problem?  Don’t waste your time checking each computer and printer; we can perform a network diagnostic to easily pinpoint problematic devices.



System recovery Disc:

Have you ever had to recover your computer from the disc sent to you by the manufacturer?  How many hours did it take for you to remove the demo software you don’t want and install the software you need?  With our custom System Recovery Disc service, you can create a custom recovery disc to restore the computer to the way you like it, not the way the manufacturer does.