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In an era of Digital Transformation and Hyper Convergence choosing a solution between On-Premises, Cloud and Hybrid environments is challenging.

As a Dell EMC, Microsoft Solutions Provider and Cloud Services Partner, we can deliver the solutions you need.

The I.T. Revolution

Technology has progressed at a consistent rate over the past few decades, however the recent growth in technology and launching of “The Cloud” has dramatically changed the IT landscape forever.  Companies like Microsoft and Adobe who are best known for their Brick and Mortar style solutions have embraced cloud based solutions.  And that is just the tip of the iceberg of the changes. With all of these changes over 70% of businesses have identified a need for IT support.  The question is how do you choose?  Can you still handle it on your own? 

These are tough questions but they don’t even address what are your organizations needs and what technologies are most effective for your business. How do you select the best options for you and still focus on your business? Approximately 50% of businesses delay deploying any cloud based solution due to lack of proficiency.   

At A Cubed IT, we understand the needs of organizations like yourselves.  Having been in the industry for over two decades we have worked with our clients to solve their needs, implement their solutions and provide 24/7 support.  Our team members have decades of experience in the IT field, bringing experience from the Banking, Manufacturing, Legal, Medical, Automotive, Retail and Call Centre industries to name a few.  We have also partnered with Microsoft, Amazon, Intuit, Avast, Dell EMC, Adobe and 3CX to enhance our resources in providing the best solution for your organization.  This allows us to provide both on-premises and cloud solutions directly to you, including Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Amazon Workspace, 3CX Hosted PBX and Quickbooks Cloud.  

We know the organizations who embrace these new technologies and select the right options will see a 40% savings in their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and improvement in productivity by over 25%.  With all these factors it only makes sense to work with an experienced partner.  So let’s get started today. 

On-Premises Solutions:

  • File Servers
  • Active Directory
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • VoIP & Phone Systems
  • Maintenance and Helpdesk
  • Video Conferencing
  • Smartphones and Tablets
  • Computers, Workstations and Laptops
  • Business Applications
  • Security Cameras
  • Access Card Security
  • Network Monitoring
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Training

Cloud Services:

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange
  • VoIP & Hosted Phone Systems
  • Amazon AWS
  • Amazon Workspace
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Cisco – WebEx
  • Cloud Accounting Software
  • Adobe Cloud Solutions
  • Internet Security
  • Web-Hosting
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Firewall and Network Monitoring
Digital Transformation and Your Business

First of all, if you have not heard the term Digital Transformation, then you are part of the majority of Canadian businesses.

Digital Transformation is defined as transforming business and organizational activities, processes and functions to leverage technology. This may be both hardware and software-based solutions. Examples are converting to a newer inventory management system, changing your accounting software, using mobile devices such as smartphones/ tablets or even saving important documents to Cloud services such as Microsoft One Drive or Google Drive.

A Digital Transformation is much more than just implementing these elements, its ensuring that all of these components work effectively together, and they are the right choices for your organization. As a business, we sometimes are willing to “try” a product or software and see how it works. The challenge is that these types of “trial and error” is not only costly from a purchase perspective but a time one as well. If the correct questions are not asked, and the proper considerations not made, the risk to your organization may be critical.

This is where the go-it-alone approach is no longer effective. Surely there is a ton of information on the internet. Certainly, you are reading this very article online. However, despite all of the pointers provided they are is no shortcut for an experienced partner in both the On-Premises and Cloud solution avenues to help assess your needs and recommend the solution that best suits all of your requirements.

At A Cubed IT, we pride ourselves in our years of experience. Having been in the industry for over two decades, we have seen the numerous changes that the technology landscape has gone through including the improvement of hardware, the increase in mobile connectivity and the growth of the Cloud solution market. We are constantly investing in technology, keeping on the pulse of the needs of Canadian businesses by attending numerous conferences/ summits/ shows throughout the year including the Consumer Electronic Show also known as CES.

Doesn’t your organization deserve to work with a team who is not only in-touch with the current and future trends of the IT industry but invested, so they can recommend the right solution for your business.

Your Trusted I.T. Partner

Navigating Your Needs

Finding the right direction is integral to making sure your organization benefits from technology.
We are focused on solving your problems not just trying to implement a generic solution.

A Cog in the Machine

Your organization is a well oiled machine, and our dedicated team is focused on ensuring the technology you use is the right fit.

Don’t let your Cloud solution be a storm cloud.

As an experienced partner, we will help you find the right cloud solution, that meets the demanding needs of your organization.

Time is Money

Don’t let technology hold you back, make it propel you forward. We understand your time is valuable, so we invest our time and effort on being current with the latest technology, so we can recommend the optimal solution.

What's at Stake?

Currently the IT industry is at a turning point, moving to a more dynamic environment, more dependent on technology than ever before and higher security risks.  Hackers are constantly finding vulnerabilities in business networks to steal information and without the right solution your business can be at risk.  In fact 62% of organizations admit they are unprepared to handle a cyber attack.  Password-Based Attacks, Denial of Service Attacks and Sniffer attacks just to name a few tools they use to access your critical information such as banking, financial and customer information.  We should not forget about Ransomware and Malware attacks.  With hack attempts occurring every 39 seconds and over 4000 ransomware attacks a day, can your business afford to wait to implement a plan? 

At A Cubed IT, we understand the importance of security.  We have worked with many of our clients to improve their existing strategy or implement new ones.  With 54% of organizations suffer some form of cyber attack.  Don’t become a statistic.  Give us a call today and find the solutions you need.