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Business Applications

Businesses often don’t realize how critical software is, until it’s too late. Out of date software can leave organizations at risk of compatibility issues with new hardware such as printers and mobile devices, updated software such as web browsers or increase exposure to malware, viruses and hackers. 41% of organizations state they are using outdated software. And when 70%+ of the top malware infections could have been avoided with up-to-date software, the time to act is now.

of Sensitive Business Information is stored in Microsoft Office based applications
million users are using Microsoft Office 365
of businesses believe it’s important to keep software updated

More Than Just Your Operating System

Often when businesses think of upgrading their computers, their primary thought goes to hardware and operating system.  Worries of whether a new version of Microsoft Windows is going to slow them down.  What is missed is the importance of upgrading other software such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat and accounting software.  The challenge is that although newer operating systems have a compatibility mode to allow some older software to run it doesn’t reduce the security and stability risks.  Because of outdated software protocols, older software may cause systems to become unstable and crash, or increase risk of virus infections.  With the cost of software, the challenges compound themselves for organizations and force a choice between security and finances.   

At A Cubed IT, we don’t believe that organizations should be forced to compromise their security.  We are focused on providing the best solution for your organization that maintains budget and security.  With the launch of Saas, it allows us to bring key software such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Photoshop to users with no upfront cost and an affordable monthly/annual fee.  The benefit is that software is always up to date and moves the costs from a capital expense to an operating expense.  With more options available, don’t leave your business exposed. 

Improve your productivity.

There is nothing more frustrating than being in the middle of your day and your computer crashes, or receive a document you can’t open and having to request a lower version. We all can agree that “Time is Money” and time lost with regards to system issues can be one of the largest time stealers. These issues are only 30% of the time a hardware issue. These means that software attributes to 70% of system failures. It could range from compatibility issues with the operating system or other software installed to virus and malware infections. In the past, the options were very limited and forced businesses to have to purchase upgrades. With the launch of cloud and subscription based software, it has reduced the upfront costs dramatically and provided a new avenue for businesses to deduct their costs.

At A Cubed IT, we have spent the past decade working with partners such as Microsoft, Intuit, Avast and Adobe to ensure these software solutions, whether it be cloud or subscription based to fulfill the needs of our clients at an affordable cost. We look forward to working with your organization

On-Premises Solutions Include :

  • Microsoft Operating System 
    • Windows 7 
    • Windows 10 
  • Microsoft Server Operating Systems 
    • Server 2008 
    • Server 2012 
    • Server 2016 
  • Microsoft Exchange 
  • VoIP
    • 3cx IP PBX 
    • Avaya IP Office 
  • Productivity Software 
    • Microsoft Word 
    • Microsoft Excel 
    • Microsoft Outlook
    • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Publishing Software
    • Microsoft Publisher 
    • Adobe Photoshop  
    • Adobe Illustrator 
    • Adobe Creative Suite 
    • Adobe Acrobat 
  • Internet Security
    • Avast Security Suite 
  • Accounting Software 
    • Intuit Quickbooks 

Cloud Services Include:

  • Microsoft Office 365 
    • Microsoft Word 
    • Microsoft Excel 
    • Microsoft Outlook 
    • Microsoft PowerPoint  
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange 
  • VoIP  
    • Hosted 3cx IP PBX 
    • Hosted Avaya IP Office 
  • Amazon AWS 
  • Amazon Workspace 
  • Microsoft Azure 
  • Cisco – WebEx  
  • Accounting Software 
    • Cloud Based – Intuit Quickbooks 
  • Publishing Software 
    • Microsoft Publisher in “The Cloud” 
    • Adobe Creative Cloud 
    • Adobe Experience Cloud 
    • Adobe Document Cloud 
  • Internet Security  
    • Avast Endpoint Security 

On-Premises Solutions

Computers, Servers, Software and “the internet” are the foundation of your business’s “computer network”. We develop solutions to meet all of your on-premises needs including Business Applications, Infrastructure, Security and Disaster Recovery.

Cloud Services

“The Cloud” is a powerful resource to leverage enterprise level technology for your organization. We use tools like Microsoft Office 365, Adobe Cloud Suite and Avast Internet Security to enhance your business while reducing your costs.

Trends In I.T.

The I.T. Industry is a rapidly changing landscape with new standards and threats being launched everyday. At A Cubed IT, we research the current and upcoming trends to determine how they impact your business and design the best solutions for you.