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Cloud Services

A Cubed IT,  a Microsoft, Adobe and Amazon Cloud Partner.

Innovation for your Digital World 

Does it seem that everything you purchase syncs to  “The Cloud”.  Your alarm system, your fridge, your watch and even your toothbrush have become cloud connected devices.  The Internet of Things (IoT) has over 1 million devices coming online per hour with an expected 21 billion being online by 2020. 

“The Cloud” brings the power of the internet to your fingertips. Data that you would normally not have easily available to you, now in the palm of your hand.  “The Cloud” also creates easier ways of accessing solutions usually only used by large to enterprise businesses for your small to medium business.  Business realize almost 40% savings on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the areas which they have cloud services and by 2020 every business will have adopted “The Cloud” in some way. However planning is key to avoiding your cloud solution turning into a storm cloud. 

As an experienced cloud solution provider, A Cubed IT is positioned to implement and support all of your cloud solution needs.  Being partnered with Microsoft, Adobe, Amazon, Cisco, Intuit, Vmware just to name a few gives us access to extensive resources to design the best solution for your organization.  We categorize organization needs into 6 key areas for success: Communication and Collaboration, Security, Infrastructure, Backup and Recovery, Business Applications and Complete Solutions. 


Our Cloud Services Include:

  • Microsoft Office 365 
    • Microsoft Word 
    • Microsoft Excel 
    • Microsoft Outlook 
    • Microsoft PowerPoint  
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange 
  • VoIP  
    • Hosted 3cx IP PBX
    • Hosted Avaya IP Office 
  • Amazon AWS 
  • Amazon Workspace 
  • Microsoft Azure 
  • Cisco – WebEx  
  • Accounting Software 
    • Cloud Based – Intuit Quickbooks
    • Cloud Based – Sage 50 
  • Publishing Software 
    • Microsoft Publisher in “The Cloud” 
    • Adobe Creative Cloud 
    • Adobe Experience Cloud 
    • Adobe Document Cloud 
  • Internet Security  
    • Avast Endpoint Security 
  • Web-Hosting 
  • Disaster Recovery 
  • Backup and Recovery 
  • Firewall and Network Monitoring 

Communications and Collaborations
Communications and Collaborations

Expanding the power of your business with remote work force.
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Safeguarding your business’s data and giving your peace of mind.
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In “The Cloud” or On-Premises, or a Hybrid. Boosting the efficiency of your infrastructure.
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Backup and Recovery
Backup and Recovery

Being prepared for the unforeseen, so it doesn’t become a disaster.
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Business Applications
Business Applications

The best tools for the job, the right application can make all the difference.
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Complete Solutions
Complete Solutions

Making sure you have all the right pieces to complete your solution.
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To Cloud or Not Cloud.. that is the question?

Currently, many IT providers would have you believe you have to be one or the other.  A cloud solution or not a cloud solution.  The reality is that a hybrid of the technologies, is often the best solution.  Leveraging the power of local resources plus harnessing the power of the correct cloud solution is key to the efficiency of your IT infrastructure and your business.  With 57% of businesses willing to adopt a hybrid cloud solution, the answer seems simple.  However 49% of businesses identity they don’t have the skills to implement an effective solution. 

 At A Cubed IT, our motto is “Make I.T. Simple”, and there is nothing more simple than a solution that meets your needs, comfort level, expectations and works.