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Cloud Infrastructure

When it comes to computers many organizations employ the rule “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”. However, this method is very dangerous as it exposes your business to security threats and unexpected outages. “Time is Money”, and downtime is not only lost productivity but lost revenue if you can’t service your customers.

Million PCs worldwide still using Windows XP
of total unplanned downtime is caused by hardware failures.
Billion growth in the cloud services market by 2020.

Age is more than just a number.

When it comes to the age of your infrastructure, it’s more than how old your computers are, it’s about your network and your software. Aging equipment and software often reach a point where security updates are not longer generated. Hackers use these outdated security protocols, to gain access to your sensitive information.

Old computer hardware often have parts that are difficult to find, and if one of those components fail you could put crucial systems or information at risk of loss.

At, A Cubed IT, we understand the needs of today’s business. Budgets are not infinite and careful planning is required. We ensure you get the best value and help forecast future upgrades. With the launch of cloud services, more choices are available to meet your business and budget needs. As a partner with Microsoft and Microsoft Cloud, Dell EMC, VMware and Amazon to name a few, we are prepared to answer your questions and implement the ideal solution for your organization.

More Than Just Computers

The modern I.T. infrastructure has grown beyond just your computers and printers.  It includes your computer network, phone system, internet access, payment processing, accounting system, inventory management, mobile devices, email, security cameras and keycard access.  Then add the services that you are using  in “The Cloud” and it becomes near impossible to effectively manage without an experienced team. With over a decade of experience and a dynamic team, we have the expertise to work with your organization and support all of your needs.

On-Premises Solutions Include :

  • File Servers 
  • Active Directory  
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) 
  • Microsoft Exchange 
  • VoIP
  • Maintenance and Helpdesk 
  • Video Conferencing 
  • Smartphones and Tablets
  • Computers, Workstations and Laptops 
  • Business Applications including Microsoft Office, Accounting Software, Graphic Design and Publishing Software 
  • Security Cameras 
  • Access Card Security 

Cloud Services Include:

  • Helpdesk remote support
  • Software installation
  • Office 365
  • Business Software
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • VoIP
  • Hosted Exchange
  • Amazon AWS
  • Amazon Workspace
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Cisco – WebEx
  • Web-hosting
  • Firewall and Networking Monitoring

On-Premises Solutions

Computers, Servers, Software and “the internet” are the foundation of your business’s “computer network”. We develop solutions to meet all of your on-premises needs including Business Applications, Infrastructure, Security and Disaster Recovery.

Cloud Services

“The Cloud” is a powerful resource to leverage enterprise level technology for your organization. We use tools like Microsoft Office 365, Adobe Cloud Suite and Avast Internet Security to enhance your business while reducing your costs.

Trends In I.T.

The I.T. Industry is a rapidly changing landscape with new standards and threats being launched everyday. At A Cubed IT, we research the current and upcoming trends to determine how they impact your business and design the best solutions for you.