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Toronto and Area Information Technology Consultants

Disaster Recovery

Let us work with you in developing a plan for recovering from a network disaster or failure.

Hardware Deployment

Replace your computers, laptops, servers and networking equipment with seamless integration and minimal impact on your business. We have hundreds of hours migrating networks, experienced and knowledgeable staff make make your next deployment a success.

Re & Re

Re&Re (Remove and Rewire) as its commonly referred is the removal of old wires and rewiring new, its common practice to replace networking cables every 5 years, are you needing a re&re ?

Network Protection

Our technical words are getting more complex and so are the ways we need to protect your business and reputation. With internet connections getting faster and the online world becoming more integrated with how business run, Network protection is mandatory.

Onsite Support

Experienced IT professionals with boots on the ground, hands on keyboards resolving your IT problems. We can resolve many common issues fast, we have seen a lot of complaints and it shows with our confidence that we can fix almost any problem.