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Trends in I.T.

Digital Transformation

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First of all, if you have not heard the term Digital Transformation, then you are part of the majority of Canadian businesses.

Digital Transformation is defined as transforming business and organizational activities, processes and functions to leverage technology. This may be both hardware and software-based solutions. Examples are converting to a newer inventory management system, changing your accounting software, using mobile devices such as smartphones/ tablets or even saving important documents to Cloud services such as Microsoft One Drive or Google Drive.

A Digital Transformation is much more than just implementing these elements, its ensuring that all of these components work effectively together, and they are the right choices for your organization. As a business, we sometimes are willing to “try” a product or software and see how it works. The challenge is that these types of “trial and error” is not only costly from a purchase perspective but a time one as well. If the correct questions are not asked, and the proper considerations not made, the risk to your organization may be critical.

This is where the go-it-alone approach is no longer effective. Surely there is a ton of information on the internet. Certainly, you are reading this very article online. However, despite all of the pointers provided they are is no shortcut for an experienced partner in both the On-Premises and Cloud solution avenues to help assess your needs and recommend the solution that best suits all of your requirements.

At A Cubed IT, we pride ourselves in our years of experience. Having been in the industry for over two decades, we have seen the numerous changes that the technology landscape has gone through including the improvement of hardware, the increase in mobile connectivity and the growth of the Cloud solution market. We are constantly investing in technology, keeping on the pulse of the needs of Canadian businesses by attending numerous conferences/ summits/ shows throughout the year including the Consumer Electronic Show also known as CES.

Doesn’t your organization deserve to work with a team who is not only in-touch with the current and future trends of the IT industry but invested, so they can recommend the right solution for your business.